Matt and Sandy Adventures

Matt and Sandy and the Rollapullooza

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How do we get out of this mess?

All Matt and Sandy wanted to do was get to school or get to sleep for five more minutes or finish reading to the end of the chapter to see what the dwarfs were going to do or even just eat the oatmeal Mom made.  

They didn’t want to deal with that lizard thing or reptile or maybe it was amphibious…and green…or maybe it was purple.

And they definitely didn’t want him to throw them into another dimension or planet or somewhere that looked beautiful but would turn ugly, a place where school was just one examination after another.

In this place, not only did they not know any of the answers, they didn’t even understand the questions.

This was not going to be any kind of a normal day.
And they weren’t going to like it. 

They may not even make it out alive.

People who like Alice in Wonderland may see parallels in this book. Those who don't like Lemony Snicket books may become distressed that dangerous things can happen to children. And those people won't want to read any further.

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fantasy, MG, dragon

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