Matt and Sandy Adventures

Matt and Sandy and Jason

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Just calm down!!!

Really. It was a normal Saturday. While Matt experimented in the basement, Sandy would draw pictures. They didn't have to take care of their little brother Jason. They just wanted to help Mom.
Why did the Rollapullooza have to step into a perfectly fine day and turn it into, well, you never knew what it would turn a day into.
And you never knew if you would make it out alive.
It wouldn't be the first time they didn't survive the mess the Rollapullooza threw them into. Nope. Not the first time.
Readers who love dragon books where dragons aren't really nice, readers of Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, and readers who know how to imagine will find this book amusing and instructive. Readers of The Hobbit may understand how being a hero and being a normal person can be the same thing.

$3.99 Kindle Edition
fantasy, MG, dragon
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