Tales of the Zombie Apocalypse

Some of Us are Dead

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"I don't eat brains because I have one."

Nobody wants to be a zombie. It's not like it's on anybody's bucket list. 

But, when the zombie apocalypse happens, being a zombie just happens to some people. 

The important thing for a zombie to do is to figure out what exactly is going on and how he's supposed to act. If he can find something to write with, he can organize his thoughts, try to make sense of what's happened to him. 

Some of us Are Dead is the unpublished blog of a particular zombie who used to be called Brian but who doesn't remember his own name anymore. 

There are a lot of things Brian doesn't remember anymore, but he does remember a little bit. He remembers how to use a laptop, how to write things down, how to tell what's been going on in the world. Not only that, but there is a whole lot more going on beyond the mayhem and the madness, even though the madness is never that far away from his mind. 

When he finds out what's going on, "the way things are," as he puts it; he decides to do something about it. 

That may be the biggest mistake of his life...or afterlife.

Can a zombie think? Can he feel? Does he have a soul?


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