A Frank Adventure

Going Home

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There's nothing like family to make a guy lose his religion.

When your family is abusive and belittles you, it would take an act of God to get you back there. Elves shouldn't have anything to do with dwarves anyway. Right?

But it's not about Frank anymore. His mother needs him. almost as much as he needs her. He just has to find out who kidnapped her and why.

Mothers. They can teach you things if you just listen to them. In Frank's case, he learns things he would rather not know. He's not sure he's ready for the truth.

Going Home was not written for children but for adults who understand the purpose of imagination, the magic of believing in things unreal, if only for a moment.

I-Don't-Know returns, as do all the dwarves from the first Frank Adventure. He discovers Timbriel again. And he sees his mother in a new light, as well as his father. That Kibble creature. Frank had no idea how important a person he was. As always, The Forces continue to weave their plans, against him, of course, but conquerable if only Frank can understand the power that lies within him.

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